What’s The Dose of LSD? LSD for Sale Canada 

The most common dose for LSD is about 80 micrograms — which is the average amount of LSD in a standard square of blotter paper. Depending on the manufacturer, the dose per blotter square can range from about 20 mcg of LSD to 100 mcg.

Microdose – Buy LSD Online in Canada

(10 – 25 micrograms) Any dose below the psychoactive threshold is considered a microdose. This means the dose isn’t strong enough to make you hallucinate.  The threshold for LSD is 25–50 mcg — so most people will take around half or less of that as a microdose (10 – 25 mcg).

The Standard Psychoactive Dose – Liquide LSD For Sale Canada

(80 – 200 micrograms) The average psychoactive dose of LSD is very low — around 80 to 200 micrograms. Even a dose of 20 mcg is enough to produce subtle changes in perception.

Heroic Dose – Buy LSD online in Manitoba

(200 – 400 micrograms) A heroic dose is considered any amount above 200 micrograms. These doses are powerful and produce dramatic shifts in the perception of reality.

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